The Association between Autoimmune Diseases and Circadian Disruption Research
Opportunity Details

Position type: Patient Participant
Number of Opportunities: 15-30 per disease/group
Organizations: University of Saskatchewan
Opportunity overview: Participants will be asked to respond to surveys over WebEx or telephone (depending on their preference). Surveys will be about the severity of certain symptoms around rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, sjogren's syndrome, and chronic incomnia. 
Knowledge, experience, skills required: The project is recruiting participants with rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, sjogren's syndrome, chronic insomnia and healthy individuals without any history of autoimmune diseases/chronic insomnia.
What to expect from the research team: Some of the participants may experience emotional discomfort or distress while reflecting on the severity of disease/symptoms. We will begin each interview by briefly explaining the goal of this research project and highlighting that each participant can skip answering any questions she/he may feel uncomfortable to answer and even withdraw from the study at any moment. All participants are also encouraged to contact support services if needed or contact the researcher if any further assistance needed. Our team has extensive experience in conducting clinical research in the fields of autoimmunity and sleep disorders that is funded by SCPOR and the National Institute of Health (USA). All students participating in these studies are trained by the supervisors during individual one to one and group meetings at regular interval for the duration of the study. Any potential issues with each interview are discussed and addressed during these meetings. All student researchers who will be participating in this study have completed all requirements and completed relevant training in relation to human research organized by SCPOR and CIHR. 
Time commitment: Participation would involve 1 session, which involves answering health questionnaires over the phone/WebEx for approximately 1 hour. 
Location: WebEx/telephone
Supports available to participate: Expense reimbursement (if applicable)
Submission of interest deadline: December 31, 2021
Contact information
Contact name: Jung-Min Kim
Email address:
Phone number: 306-262-2453
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