Emergency Department Visits for Substance Addiction and Their Consequences
Opportunity Details
Position type: Patient Partner
Number of positions available: 2
Organization: Saskatchewan Health Authority
Role overview: We are seeking Patient Partners to collaborate on how a Saskatchewan Health Authority led team of researchers can ethically and responsibly create a new database for monitoring and understanding population level trends in substance addiction resulting in emergency department visits in Saskatchewan. Patient Partners will also collaborate with researchers and decision makers to identify the first research questions that the database will be used to answer. Patient Partners will also be invited to advise on how key study findings are reported on and to who.
Knowledge, experience, skills required: Intimate knowledge of substance addictions (e.g. alcohol, opioids and/or stimulating substances) and how people suffering these addictions interact with and navigate the health system. 
Time commitment: As much or as little as the Patient Partner is willing and able to contribute; however, ideally, at minimum, up to 2-4 hours a month over the course of 24 months.
Location: Involvement will primarily take place over teleconference. Team members are located all over the province.
What you can expect from the research team: Patient Partners will be invited to participate in routine planning meetings and provide input project methods and outputs. The project team will be transparent with Patient Partners about their work and provide opportunities for meaningful consultation and input. The team will also work with Patient Partners to explain technical aspects of the project. Patient Partners will be treated with dignity and respect.
Supports available to participate: Honoraria, Expense Reimbursement
Submission of interest deadline: November 16, 2021
Contact information
Contact name:  Charles Plante
Email address:  charles.plante@usask.ca
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