Wellbeing and intentions to leave the clinical practice of health care providers in Saskatchewan, Canada 
Opportunity Details
Position type: Patient Partner
Number of positions available: 2
Organization: College of Medicine and College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan
Role overview: We aim to engage two Patient Partners who could provide their perspectives on this study. Patient Partners will be part of the research team and will contribute to each phase of the project, including study design, data interpretation, and knowledge sharing activities. Patient partners will share their knowledge, experiences, and insights on the ongoing pandemic regarding the wellbeing of health care providers.
Knowledge, experience, skills required: Seeking for individuals living in Saskatchewan who have had interaction with the health care system during the Covid-19 pandemic and who are concerned about the wellbeing of health care providers. Ability to share their lived experiences and point of view.
Time commitment: We estimate about 2 hours every two months.
Location: Zoom/Virtual meetings
What you can expect from the research team: We will support Patient Partners by connecting with them regularly, explaining the project and their roles and answering any questions. The principal investigators will connect with Patient Partners before the research team meeting to explain the aim and expectations of the meeting, as well as after each meeting to debrief and clarify doubts. If the Patient Partners have not done so, we will help them in completing the SCPOR training Modules. Patient Partners will receive honoraria for the time dedicated to this project.
Supports available to participate: Honoraria
Submission of interest deadline: November 30, 2021
Contact information
Contact name:  Juan-Nicolas Pena-Sanchez
Email address:  juan.nicolas.ps@usask.ca
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