Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 Visitor Restrictions on Care in Canadian ICUs 
Opportunity Details
Position type: Patient Participant
Number of positions available: 20
Organization: University of Saskatchewan
Role overview: You will be asked to participate in one semi-structured interview with a research assistant.  We want to understand your experience as a patient or family member in a Canadian ICU during the COVID-19 visitor restrictions to explore ways to support patient and family-centred care. Your participation is voluntary. Your interview can be over phone, video chat, or email and should take less than an hour of your time. You will have an opportunity to review your responses prior to inclusion in the study and all responses will be anonymized. 

The ultimate goal of this project is to identify the impacts and challenges of visitor restrictions, and possible solutions. Results will be used to inform improved patient and family-centred care at times when family may not be able to be present with their loved one, facilitate shared decision-making, encourage meaningful communication, and develop trusting relationships.
Knowledge, experience, skills required: We are looking for patients who have been admitted to the ICU during COVID-19 visitor restrictions and their loved ones.
Time commitment: 1-3 hours, one time
Location: Virtually, by WebEx, Zoom, or telephone   
What you can expect from the research team: The research assistant conducting the interview will ask a series of questions about your journey through the ICU, focusing on your experience with the visitor restrictions implemented for COVID-19. We will provide as much time as is needed, and a safe space for you to tell your story.  You will be able to stop the interview at any time, and the research assistant can provide support and resources to you if the interview raises difficult memories.
Supports available to participate: Honoraria
Submission of interest deadline: July 1, 2022
Contact information
Contact name:  Faith Bae
Email address:  faith.bae@usask.ca
Phone number: 306-966-2583
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