Saskatchewan Centre for Patient Oriented Research (SCPOR) - Patient Partner Advisory Council member
Opportunity Details
Position type: Patient Partner
Number of positions available: 4-5
Organization: Saskatchewan Centre for Patient Oriented Research (SCPOR)
Role overview:
Patient, family and public engagement is central to improving the quality of health research, quality of health care and the health of Saskatchewan citizens. The Saskatchewan Centre for Patient Oriented Research (SCPOR) Patient Partner Advisory Council will work together with other SCPOR groups to engage patients, families and citizens in health research policy and program development including the determination of patient oriented research priorities and the process of patient engagement in research projects. 
Knowledge, experience, skills required: The Patient Partner Advisory Council is dedicated to the meaningful inclusion of the diverse voices of Saskatchewan patients, family members, care givers and community members who have lived experience of a health issue. 

It would be very helpful if SCPOR Patient Partner Advisory Council members have experience being part of a patient-oriented research team. This experience is an important part of understanding the role of Patient Partners on this committee. 
Time commitment: Patient Partner Advisory Council meetings occur once every 4 - 6 weeks and the meetings are two hours in length. Some preparation is required before meetings to review the agenda. Working groups are often formed to carry out Patient Partner Advisory Council activities and members may choose to join these if they are interested and have capacity. 
Location: Meetings will be held virtual meetings using Webex. When in person restrictions are lifted, one face-to-face meeting is held every year. 
What you can expect from the research team: Orientation will be provided to all Patient Partner Advisory Council activities, including a discussion about the role and responsibilities of members and a review of previous meeting minutes. 

All new members will also be part of a mentoring program where they will be connected with an experienced Patient Partner from the council. 

If needed, Patient Partners will receive specific training in the principles and processes of patient oriented research including Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) modules and Building Research Relationships with Indigenous Communities (BRRIC) training. 
Supports available to participate: Honoraria,Expense Reimbursement
Support will be provided to claim honoraria and attend virtual meetings. If access to technology is an issue, then support will be provided. 
Submission of interest deadline: May 31, 2022
Contact information
Contact name:  Michelle Flowers
Email address:
Phone number:  306-491-8203
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