Patient partner/person with lived experiences with either severe respiratory illness or admission to ICU for research study involvement 
Opportunity Details
Position type: Patient Partner
Number of positions available: 1
Organization: Saskatchewan Health Authority
Role overview: I’m applying for a SHRF grant which is focused on the respiratory infection and ICU admission. I am looking for a patient/person with lived experience. Should we get the grant, we would meet once every 4 weeks to discuss the perspective from their view and get their insights as to key variables for data collection from their experiences. The patient partner would be involved with the idea generation and brainstorming aspects of the study.    
Knowledge, experience, skills required: We are looking for a patient with experience with either severe respiratory illness or admission to the ICU. This can also be a former employee with experience in the area. No skills are required.

Time commitment: This will be for approximately 20-minutes via video chat every 4 weeks. We are hoping to begin by May 2024.
Location: Virtual via Webex, Zoom, Teams, etc.
What you can expect from the research team: The team will complete all necessary paperwork, data collection, and study development. We will also adjust according to the patient partner schedule. We will also complete the research alongside the patient partner with proper integration of their ideas.     
Supports available to participate: To be determined.
Submission of interest deadline: November 10, 2023
Contact information
Contact name:  Jyotpal Singh
Email address:
Phone number: 306-766-5140
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